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I’ve trained other PTA’s and one of the main frustrations I hear is “Kim, I’ve been working in the field of Physical Therapy and I am just done”

I’ve studied consumer behavior as it relates to what they are looking for when it comes to the health of their musculoskeletal system.

I've put this knowledge into a successful certification and affiliation program for PTA's that will allow a PTA the opportunity to train to become a Certified Stretch Mobility Coach and earn a new title. This certification combined with The Stretch Method also provides a PTA with a validated service offering that will allow them to work outside traditional PT in health and wellness without a PT and without risking their PTA.

As a PTA I was able to build a successful brick and mortar Stretch Mobility Coach practice that has grown faster than my physical therapy clinic ever did. This has allowed me to experience great time with my friends and family. I WANT you to enjoy the same success :) I hope you find these opportunities helpful during your journey towards career advancement.

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