Imagine....working solo, helping people live a life without limits?

What if you could help people live a life without limits without the constraints of insurance and without hiring a PT?

I found a path that allowed me to open a wellcare clinic without a PT.

Here is how I did it......

I founded The Stretch Mobility Coach™/Beckett in 2020, inside Stretch Physical Therapy. In just 3 years I have helped thousands of people experiencing pain and tightness usingThe Stretch Method® helping them rebuild their body so that they can live a life without limits.....and we continue to help people doing testing, and treatment differently than PT.

The Stretch Mobility Coach™ is a certification that trains PTA's on The Stretch Methodology it is paired with an affiliate license that helps PTA's like you, step away from their clinical roles too.

I Have Helped Other PTA's Like You Start A Business And Step Away From Their Clinical PTA Role Faster And With Less Risk.

Here is how:

I founded The Stretch Mobility Coach™ certification for PTA"s for myself in 2020. This certification allowed me to start my Stretch Mobility Coach/Beckett clinic and offer The Stretch Method® so that I could offer services outside Physical Therapy. My clinic now runs itself allowing me time freedom and financial freedom.

In just 2 years I am now training PTA"s like you to repeat my success without all of the investment and exhausting hard work that I faced when I started this process.

Most importantly, I provide you with every thing you need to fill your new clinic in 90 days or less.

The best part is....

that you get to do what you love "treating and helping people live their life without limits". I just help you do this faster and with less risk than you can if you go at it alone.

Soon after I created my PTA business accelerator track I began helping other PTA's like you.

Let me explain...

Over the last decade I have noticed an ever ending cycle of injury and reinjury that lead people experiencing pain and tightness on a direct path to degeneration then to surgery. In my clinic we
.we do testing, and treatment differently
so we saw better, more long term outcomes utilizing The Stretch Method® that actually kept our clients away from surgeries like , total hip surgery, total knee surgery, back, neck and shoulder surgeries.

We saw the outcomes, but really could not figure out why we were getting better outcomes than our typical healthcare and fitness models of care. It wasn't until I hired director of research and started researching that we found how we were different.

Our society teaches us that stretching, and strengthening is all that we need to do to keep our musculoskeletal system working. These teachings are not completely correct. Let me show you what I have found.

Our physical therapy training focuses treatments on decreasing pain and modifying movements so that our patients experience pain. We have grown to see the need to add more holistic care to our therapies, but even with the addition of assisted stretching, yoga, pilates and other programs we are still not getting results that many people are looking for.

Here is why: Fitness experts provide a conditioning program that is based on a healthy musculoskeletal system and for people that are not deconditioned, these conditioning programs work well. The problem that we have found is that many people getting into fitness are in an active deconditioning state so no amount of rehab, or conditioning will break that deconditioning cycle that typically leads to degenerative changes that lead those people directly to surgery. These people require more skill, more education, and a proven treatment that is backed by science.

The Stretch Method® looks at testing, and treatment differently. I have established a testing and treatment program The Stretch Method®, that tests to see if a person experiencing pain or tightness are in an active deconditioning cycle. If they are, then treatment programs are tailored to be more multifaceted. this allows us to find where the problem is coming from, it treats that problem so that we can break the deconditioning cycle, then we rebuild muscles damaged from that cycle. We can actually test to see if people are in an active deconditioning cycle when they are experiencing tightness, which we find is the first external sign.

Soon after I discovered how well The Stretch Method® worked in our Beckett location, I created a certification program for like minded PTA's so that The Stretch Method® could be offered nationally to help more people.

To date, our Stretch Mobility Coaches have improved their clients mobility, strength, flexibility and have rebuilt their neuromusculoskeletal system to a more healthy state. This allows them to get into a conditioning program and advance instead of the typical injury - reinjury cycle that causes them to stop working out all together.

Because of The Stretch Method® clients can now find out "WHY" they can't do things that they once could and are provided with a proven program that reverses the pain and tightness and reconditions muscles damaged during an active deconditioning cycle.

There are people all over the globe that are losing all hope of ever getting any better, maybe even you feel this way, It is not because you are getting older or because it's normal its simply because rehab is focused on helping patients reduce pain and was not established to get rid of pain and fix the problem, even though most market that rehab does that.

Fitness programs focus on conditioning programs that were established to keep your muscles strong and flexible. And that happens when healthy individuals work out all of their lives. But how many people do that or have time or the desire to do that. There is a huge population that falls into the decline caused from aging, disuse, illness or injury. Until now, there was nothing available for people that were already in an active deconditioning cycle that wanted to start working out for better health.

While Rehab and fitness industries do great with their clients, they can't get to the root cause behind this populations pain and tightness....

We can't help a person if the damage from the deconditioning cycle has become irreversible, but we can provide testing to see if clients are a successful candidate for our programming.

A simple consultation with a Stretch Mobility Coach™ will be able to show people if they are a good candidate for The Stretch Method®

The Stretch Mobility coach certification track was established to allow PTA's a way to treat differently utilizing The Stretch Method® if you are a PTA looking to see I can help you go solo without a PT,
book a 1:1 career coaching call with one of our coaches today & let's find out if our program will allow you to treat differently.

Learn How To Test And Find Problems

While most testing is focused on symptom control or pain management, our testing was created to find out where your problems are coming from, if you are in an active deconditioning cycle.. I teach PTA's to Test and treat differently.

Learn A Better Treatment Method

We teach PTA's The Stretch Method® This method goes deeper than our conventional therapy treatments we learned through our PTA education. I will teach you advanced hands on treatment combined with proven reconditioning programming that will provide you with the skills you need to stand alone as an expert.

Learn How To Develop A Proven Program

I will teach you how to build an effective program and how to transition care so that you can help people that are looking for more than what to live a life without limits.

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